Expat Business Coaching

Expat business coaching is designed to offer long-term support and strengthens intercultural competence in a sustainable manner. Areas of special interest or recurring problems can be targeted. With great sensitivity and an eye for the existing potential, I encourage and empower the coachee to optimize his or her skills with the help of specific tools and exercises. My approach is solution-oriented and pragmatic, with easily measurable markers for success.

Expat Partner Support

When traveling abroad as a couple or as a family, there are several additional aspects to consider. Of utmost importance is the support and well-being of the traveling partner. Ideally, coaching should be facilitated before, during and after a relocation in order to be able to offer optimal support in the different phases of acculturation. In addition to strengthening the intercultural competence, topics such as dual career planning, supporting the children, expat marriage and understanding one's new role will be discussed. Open questions are also welcome.

Country expertise


Coaching can be booked per session or as a package, for details please see my pricelist. Get in touch for a free consultation.