An Inward Journey

Wouldn't it be great if you could always take your home with you, wherever you are in the world?

This has been my longing for quite a long time so I set out on a search. How can I unite the different worlds that are close to my heart? Physically, this is not possible. We can’t clone ourselves and be in two or more places at once. I realized that I am the common denominator of these worlds and that the answer must lie within me. And that’s what this group coaching is about.

FINDING HOME WITHIN is a two-month online group coaching program that I developed specifically for multiculturals, expats and global nomads. For people who move between several cultures and long for more inner peace instead of feeling torn.

This Group Coaching Program is for you, if:

Group Coaching

6 live sessions of 120 minutes each


January - February 2024

Meeting space

Virtually over Zoom
live and interactive

Number of participants

min. 4 / max. 6 in a fixed group

Your investment

€ 750 / person

Which topics will we discuss?

Session 1: Navigating Cultures

  • We get to know each other
  • How do you define your inner home?
  • How culture shapes us
  • Which cultures do you belong to?
  • Do you live between two or more cultures?
  • What is your goal for this group coaching program?

Session 2: Identity & Belonging

  • What is identity?
  • Self- vs. external perception
  • Complex, multicultural identities
  • Your inner team
  • Juggling uniqueness, adaptation and belonging

Session 3: Meet your Inner Child

  • Who or what is the inner child?
  • Switching off your inner critic
  • Exploring your beliefs
  • I will not let this trigger me anymore!
  • Your strengths and resources

Session 4: Emotional Strength

  • Let’s expand our emotional vocabulary
  • Welcome all emotions and feel alive again
  • Emotions are signposts
  • How our thoughts influence our emotions
  • Are you carrying old emotional baggage?
  • Practicing self-compassion

Session 5: Riding the Waves of Transition & Uncertainty

  • The only constant in life is change
  • Life is not linear
  • How can I strengthen my resilience?
  • What is my circle of influence?
  • Becoming

Session 6: Your WHY

  • Connect with your inner truth
  • Find your WHY
  • What does your ideal life look like? Dream big!
  • Be the change you want to see in the world
  • Celebrate yourself and your path to your home within!

Your home has always been there

If you have ever moved to a different culture, I’m sure you know by your own experience how much we are challenged to question essential parts of our identity. To be able to function in a new culture, one of our first coping strategies is to adapt and lock away the incompatible areas of our inner home.

What has been an excellent survival skill for the first months, slowly and unnoticeably becomes part of your narrative, the story you tell yourself.

In my coaching program “Finding Home Within” we explore identity from different angles so that you can find your way back to your inner home. It is going to be a beautiful journey inward!


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In this Group Coaching Program you will get:

Dates and prices:

Wiebke Homborg

Intercultural Trainer, Expat Coach and “Cultural Chameleon”

I support individuals and their families who move from one culture to another. I prepare them for their move abroad, help them settle into the new culture, overcome culture shock and homesickness. For repatriates I offer preparation workshops as well as coaching after moving back to their home country.

I have lived abroad for a total of 22 years: in Belgium, USA, Spain, Chile and Mexico. From childhood on, I was shaped by different cultures, all of which have a very special place in my heart.

In my work I draw from my life and professional experience and combine it with the scientific foundations of intercultural training and coaching to be able to support my clients professionally. My expat motto: “Always expect the unexpected!” More about my qualifications and my understanding of coaching can be found here.

The live virtual coaching sessions will run on the “Zoom” platform. To participate, simply follow the link in our invitation email. For an optimized experience, it is worth installing the app on your PC, tablet or smartphone. We recommend using a PC, then you can better participate in the interactive exercises. You will need a microphone and a camera, whether integrated into your device or external, so that you can interact with the other participants. Also desirable: a stable internet connection and paper and pen for the exercises.

Our first session is about getting to know each other and building mutual trust. I will explain how the program is structured and then we will dive into the first topic.

The live sessions are intended to be for discussions and exchange among the participants. For each topic I will provide valuable input in separate videos that I will ask you to watch prior to each session.

Everything we discuss will be made available to you via email. You will receive your workbook which will guide you througout the program. In addition, I provide complemtary material such as videos, exercises and reflective questions. After each session, you will receive an email with a detailed summary.

To help you achieve your goals and experience your first successes, there will be challenges and an accountability partner.

It is my desire to provide a safe space for your coaching as well as mutual exchange. This only works if all participants treat each other with mutual respect and personal topics are treated confidentially. For this purpose, you will be asked to confirm the group rules during registration.

Furthermore, you are invited to network with each other. I will set up a Facebook or WhatsApp group for the duration of the program.

The next group will be an international, English-speaking group. German-speaking groups are also planned. If you are interested, please contact me.

Yes, first you register for FINDING HOME WITHIN via the registration button. You will be redirected to the platform Elopage, where the registration and payment is done and you will find the course platform there as well. Afterwards you will receive an invoice from me by mail.

Basically, there is no recording planned. If you can’t be there on one of the dates, we will decide together in the group if a recording is ok for everyone.

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