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Boost your intercultural competence and thrive in your career in Germany


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3 weeks

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3 hours

Start date

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live & interactive


max. 12

Is this you?


… you communicate with your boss, colleagues and business contacts with ease

… you become a fully valued and respected member of the team

… you keep your cool in tricky situations

… you boost your intercultural confidence

and thrive in your career in Germany!  

What will you learn?

Session 1: Cultural awareness and German stereotypes

– The basics of intercultural competence

– What is behind the stereotypes about the Germans and are they true?

– What does research say on German cultural standards, values and beliefs

– Sharing and discussing our experiences in working with Germans

Session 2: Communication styles

– Types of communication styles and what is common in Germany

– What to expect in meetings, presentations, negotiations, feedback talks

– Building trust

– Dealing with conflicts

Session 3: Collaboration and leadership

– Team work and leadership styles in different work contexts in Germany

– Commitment and time management

– Design your personal success strategy

– Final summary and conclusions

What can you expect?

This blended learning course will take place in a group of up to 12 participants. You can join anonymously or with webcam. I will ensure a safe, non-judgemental learning environment. The webinars will be dynamic and interactive with room for games, questions and discussions. The course language will be English.

This course is designed as a learning journey and includes:

Bonuses for you:

A brief questionnaire before the course ensures that the sessions will be tailored to your needs.

Your facilitator

Wiebke Homborg, certified intercultural trainer, is in the unique position of having an insider and an outsider perspective on Germany. She is highly experienced in bridging cultural differences as she has spent a total of 22 years living abroad – outside of her passport country Germany – and felt at home in six different countries. She grew up in Belgium, United States and Spain and has lived and worked in Germany, Chile and Mexico. Now based in Germany, she works as freelance intercultural trainer providing seminars to participants from multinationals such as BASF and Continental, small and medium-sized companies and individuals who wish to enhance their intercultural skills.

Wiebke’s seminars benefit from her 16 years of experience as personal assistant, sales assistant and product manager in the sectors of international trade, automotive, banking and tourism. She builds on her business experience, facilitation skills, and multi-cultural background to offer practical and tailored intercultural trainings both face to face and online.


„Wiebke was very professional and addressed my specific needs in this course related to working in Germany. My needs were specifically focused around the networking and hiring processes and she gave me several good insights on what to expect.“

Expat from the United States

„I definitely recommend an intercultural training with Wiebke Homborg, she is a professional who has lived several experiences abroad and studied what may be happening to you or will happen to you when facing a different culture. The training of Wiebke helped me a lot to understand my own culture as Mexican – there were several aspects on which I had not reflected – and the German culture. Thanks to her training I consider that I can better understand the cultural differences of Germany and Mexico and I now have more tools for my cultural immersion.
Wiebke is very dedicated, kind and professional; I recommend these trainings. Never underestimate cultural differences and as often, all we need is help to understand them and from there the adaptation is much easier.“

Javier N.
Expat from Mexiko

„Wiebke’s fun and information-packed sessions were very useful for me: personalised and interesting insights into understanding the German culture to better navigate expat life in Germany. Coaching on third-culture kids was particularly relevant. I found comfort in many instances of realising ‚oh, so it’s not just me!‘ An essential resource for anyone who has moved to Germany as an expat.“

Amber P.
Expat from Australia

What technical equipment do I need?

The webinars will be held via the platform “Zoom”. You will be required to download the app to your device, easy-to-follow instructions will be sent to you upon registration. You can join the course via computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, although I would recommend using a laptop. You need a built-in microphone or a headset and a webcam to interact with other participants. Also helpful: Stable internet connection, pen and paper.

How much does it cost?

150 € per person for all three sessions, payable in advance.

The first session is free so that you have the chance to get a taste of how I work and learn more about the topics that we will be covering. For the three following sessions your investment will be 150 € in total. This is a small fraction of what corporate trainings usually cost. It is a huge advantage  that you are working directly with me, no agencies in between.

This course is specifically designed for individuals, not companies. I will not bill to any company, only individuals, in order to keep the prices fair for corporate training. If you are interested in this course for your company, please take a look at my service packages.

When does it start?

At the moment, there is not yet a fixed date for the next course. Let me know if you are interested and we can schedule it according to your needs. Send me a message here to join the waitlist or subscribe to my news updates to find out when the next course starts.

If you are interested in a Spanish version of this course, let me know here and I will be happy to set it up.

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