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I am Wiebke, an intercultural trainer and expat coach based in Germany, specializing in working with individuals and companies on enhancing their intercultural competence. In our increasingly globalized and mobile world this has become a key qualification.

My 22 years of international experience in 6 different countries and 18 years of professional experience enable me to offer training and coaching with a strong practical focus. Take a look at the services I offer and get in touch!

Wiebke Homborg

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My approach


Time is a scarce commodity in everyday business. With my tailor-made training, I concentrate on the essentials, so that you are ready to tackle your new tasks right away. To achieve sustained learning success, I highly recommend additional coaching. Thanks to modern technology, both the training and the coaching can be carried out virtually.


If there is one thing my many years of experience abroad have taught me: always expect the unexpected! Theoretical concepts are an important basis. But in order to be able to move confidently and successfully in an international context, a "mindshift" has to take place, which we work out together and which you can develop further in your professional practice.


In order to attain the necessary depth within the limited amount of time and to achieve the desired learning goals, I prepare each training thoroughly in accordance with your requirements. I prefer individual training or small groups, as they allow me to quickly recognize which areas are already clear and which ones should be focused on more deeply.

My expertise:

    • Working in Germany
    • International assignment preparation for Germany, Belgium and Mexico
    • International cooperation
    • Expat Coaching: sustainably strengthening your intercultural competence
    • Partner Support: coaching for the accompanying spouse
Fotostudio in Hannover für Businessfotos, Bewerbungsfotos, Porträtfotos, Familienfotos, Kinderfotos, Fotograf Hannover,


"Ms. Homborg's intercultural training motivated and sensitized me to the clear differences to German culture. It was well structured and was supplemented with many examples from Ms. Homborg's personal experience in Mexico. I have been in Mexico for two weeks now and have already successfully used my first experience of training in communication with my Mexican colleagues. The training is recommendable for those who travel to Mexico for a longer time."

Matthias Frey

"I definitely recommend an intercultural training with Wiebke Homborg, she is a professional who has lived several experiences abroad and studied what may be happening to you or will happen to you when facing a different culture. The training of Wiebke helped me a lot to understand my own culture as Mexican - there were several aspects on which I had not reflected - and the German culture. Thanks to her training I consider that I can better understand the cultural differences of Germany and Mexico and I now have more tools for my cultural immersion. Wiebke is very dedicated, kind and professional; I recommend these trainings. Never underestimate cultural differences and as often, all we need is help to understand them and from there the adaptation is much easier."

Javier N.
Expat from Mexico

"Wiebke's fun and information-packed sessions were very useful for me: personalised and interesting insights into understanding the German culture to better navigate expat life in Germany. Coaching on third-culture kids was particularly relevant. I found comfort in many instances of realising 'oh, so it's not just me!' An essential resource for anyone who has moved to Germany as an expat.“

Amber P.
Expat from Australia

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