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Intercultural Training

Working in

Orientation seminar for international professionals for working successfully in German companies.

International assignment

Country-specific training for professionals who are being sent abroad by their company for a longer period of time.

International cooperation

Cultural awareness training for professionals who want to work successfully and with confidence in an international context, without committing to a particular region.

Cultural Awareness

Culture-unspecific training to enhance your employees' intercultural competence.

(Virtual) Multicultural Teams

Management training and team building measures to increase the effectiveness of multicultural teams.


Creating cultural awareness among the welcoming team as well as the newcomer to enhance effective collaboration.

Intercultural Coaching

Expat Business Coaching

Support for expats during their adaptation to the new work context.

Expat Partner

Life Coaching for accompanying partners

Crisis & Conflict

Solution-oriented guidance during crisis or conflict with intercultural origin.

International Assignment Preparation

Country-specific training for professionals who are being sent abroad by their company for a longer period of time as well as for their accompanying partners. You will receive a valuable orientation for typical business situations and everyday life in your target country. Together, we will develop coping strategies to enable you to confidently deal with difficult situations at any time. Country expertise: Germany, Belgium and Mexico.

Working in Germany

Orientation seminar for international professionals working in Germany. Gain inisights into the specifics of the different German work cultures and learn effective coping skills to clear the way for a successful career. Special consideration will be given to different industry and corporate cultures, your position within the company and the reflection on your personal style.

International Cooperation

Cultural awareness training for professionals who want to work successfully and with confidence in an international context, without committing to a particular region. You will get an overview of the different approaches in global business: communication, leadership style, dealing with conflicts, leading multicultural teams, presentations, negotiations. You will reflect on your own personal style and develop strategies for optimal international collaboration.

Cultural Awareness

This culture-general training serves to raise basic cultural awareness among professionals in order to make them fit for cooperation in increasingly multicultural and diverse work contexts. In order to understand diversity as an advantage and to be able to apply it to the work context, a theoretical and self-reflective approach is required. The participants learn about unconscious bias, practice changing cultural perspectives, open their mind for other approaches and find new creative ways to appreciative and successful cooperation.

(Virtual) Multicultural Teams

Through management training and team building measures, your employees get to know the different cultural backgrounds and working methods of the team members. Prejudices and misunderstandings are cleared up in order to pave the way for the joint development of a formula for effective cooperation. The potential of your multicultural team can only develop fully if the diversity in the team is taken into account and valued. The additional complexity of virtual teamwork is given special consideration.


Tailor-made intercultural training supports the induction process and the integration of specialists from abroad. Not only the new employees are supported, but also the long-established managers and colleagues. The goal is to foster an understanding of the respective cultural characteristics on both sides and to enable appreciative and effective cooperation.

Intercultural Coaching

Given the volatility, uncertainty and complexity of our globalized business world and the increase in multicultural work contexts, intercultural coaching is becoming more and more important.

Intercultural coaching is an individualized and sustainable personnel development measure for professionals working in multicultural teams, doing business internationally or expatriates on an international assignment.

Intercultural coaching does not differ in its methodology from classic coaching, but intercultural factors play an additional role increasing the complexity and requiring a specially trained coach. It is an ideal addition to a previous intercultural training and can of course take place both face-to-face and virtually.

Coaching themes revolve around professional tasks and roles as well as the personality of the client, e.g.

  • Personal assessment, development of visions, definition of goals
  • Development of suitable problem-solving and implementation strategies
  • Analysis and further development of own behaviors
  • Role clarification and positioning
  • Decision-making processes
  • Coping with daily work routine

Expat Business Coaching

Expat Business Coaching enables continuous guidance and thus a more sustainable strengthening of intercultural competence. Recurring issues can be dealt with individually. With great sensitivity and a clear view, I recognize the existing potential and encourage the coachee to make the most of it with the help of tools and exercises. My approach is solution-oriented and pragmatic, with easily measurable success.

Expat Partner Support

Preparation of the accompanying partner for the new tasks abroad. In addition to a valuable orientation for the new target culture, we will cover topics such as dual career planning, support for children, choice of school, expat marriage, understanding one's own role and the clarification of the many open questions. You will receive many useful tips for everyday life and assistance in building a strong network abroad.

Crisis and conflict

Support in crises and the resolution of conflicts of intercultural origin

Further coaching themes:

  • Managing multicultural teams
  • Integrating specialists and managers from abroad
  • Support during change processes and adjustment difficulties

Here you can learn more about my qualifications, my training approach, and my understanding of coaching.

Country expertise


Training modules

My training programs are scientifically sound and divided into compact modules. Each training is put together individually and tailored to the requirements of the client and the needs of the participant. For this purpose, I previously conduct a needs assessment. A selection of my most important training modules can be found in the adjacent overview.

Interactive and dynamic

Standardized “do’s and don’ts” are not really in keeping with the times. Stereotypes help gain initial orientation, but need to be brought into context depending on the situation. It is rather about developing a sense of one’s own and the others’ thinking and the ability to change perspective and find creative solutions for a good collaboration. Targeted exercises, memorable role play and simulation, and graphic case studies help captivate interest and provide variety. A very high priority is the strong practical relevance, whereby I not only focus on the respective culture, but also on the field of activity of the participants, the industry of the company and the personal circumstances.

Service packages


Virtual training via a webinar platform. The 7-hour training can take place at any location and split up into smaller sessions over several days to allow the participants to continue their working day.

Services included:

This training format is best suited for:


Face-to-face training at a venue of your choice. Intensive one- or two-day training for individuals or small groups. Personal contact and interactive methods ensure a deep learning experience.

Services included:

This training format is best suited for:


Long-term support before, during and after an overseas assignment, a team-building or diversity project. You receive one day of intensive training, six coaching hours and one year of free SOS support.

Services included:

This training format is best suited for: