My services for individuals

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Expat Partner Support

I accompany you before, during and after your stay abroad. This is not only about cultural familiarization, but also about topics such as dual career planning, support for the children, choice of school, expat marriage, your own understanding of your role and the clarification of many open questions. You will receive valuable tips for coping with everyday life and building a good network. For repatriates I also offer a re-entry support group called "Arriving" at regular intervals.

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Coaching for Repatriates

I provide individual and group coaching to support you in the mostly unexpected and underestimated challenges you will face when you return home. My task is to accompany you during this phase and to develop a vision and a plan together with you how to integrate your experiences abroad into your new life and your identity in your home country.

Third Culture Kids - How can I support my child abroad?

Having grown up abroad myself and thus being an "Adult Third Culture Kid", I am very interested in education and prevention on this topic. I offer lectures, workshops and informative sessions that give a first overview of the characteristic features, challenges, and superpowers of Third Culture Kids. Additionally, to giving recommendations on literature and helpful websites, I recommend specialized child and youth coaches and therapists from my extensive professional network.

Life Coaching for Global Nomads

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Settling down - For serial expats and Adult Third Culture Kids

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Retreats - Taking a time out with other international women

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Country expertise


Coaching can be booked per session or as a package, for details please contact me for a free discovery call!