Freebies (free download):

1. Self-coaching method for expat partners: Inner Conference

Before going on an international assignment, it is important that both partners make a conscious decision stand wholeheartedly behind their choice. This self-coaching method will help you to find clarity for you.

Download the pdf file here and get started!

2. Infographic and explanation: Value Square Model

This model has proven to be very insightful during my intercultural trainings and I would like to share it with you. With the help of the value square model, we are able to keep seemingly opposing values ​​and personal standards in a dynamic balance so that we can operate in a constructive way. You can download the infographic and explanation here or read about it in my blog article.

3. Cheat sheet and explanations: Dimensions of Culture

This compilation originates from a series of Instagram posts where I shared six most relevant dimensions of culture from my point of view. It consists of six simple illustrations, real-life examples and a reflective question on each dimension.

You can download the pdf file here or read it in my blog article.