Training, Coaching und Mentoring von Expatriates im Rahmen einer Auslandsentsendung

Coaching im Rahmen der Auslandsentsendung In ihrem Herausgeberband “Coaching im Rahmen der Auslandsentsendung” (erschienen 2021 im Springer-Gabler Verlag) haben Prof. Dr. Judith Eidems und Susan Hoentzsch eine große Vielfalt an Beiträgen zusammengetragen. Das Buch ist von hohem Nutzen für alle, die sich mit dem Thema Auslandsentsendung beschäftigen: HR-Abteilungen, Coaches und Berater*innen, aber auch Expats und ihre Familien. Es war mir eine Ehre, hieran mitzuwirken und…

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Rocking a Rocky Reentry – Repatriating During a Pandemic

Interview with Rebecca Lüppen Rebecca Lüppen is the founder of SheExpat ( and provides expat career and life coaching for female professionals and executives. She helps female expats actively manage the changes that a mobile life brings, balance work and personal life and interact confidently and successfully within different cultures. Rebecca and I have known each other for a little over a year. We both…

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Reentry – Pandemic Edition

Arriving in Limbo The Corona pandemic has turned all our lives upside down and confronted us with unexpected challenges. It also hit many expats hard in 2020/21. It affects those who had just started their adventure abroad and are struggling to familiarize themselves with the new environment. It also affects those who have already been abroad for a longer period of time, but who now…

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