Building bridges for a global mindset.
Thrive in your international life and career.

Intercultural Training & Expat Coaching

Building bridges for a global mindset.

Thrive in your international life and career.


In the global business world, intercultural competence has become a key qualification. I accompany specialists and executives on their very individual path to more confidence, success and satisfaction during their foreign assignments and when working with international colleagues and business partners.

I also support global nomads and expat partners in mastering the often underestimated and unexpected challenges of living abroad and returning home. I’m by your side when it comes to gaining clarity, empowering yourself and taking the next steps.

I design my trainings and coaching with a hands-on approach and in a culture-reflective manner. I draw on my own international experience as a child, expat and expat partner as well as my many years of professional experience in international companies and multicultural teams. As a big fan of lifelong learning and growth, I decided to become an intercultural trainer and coach. To do this, I studied the scientific foundations and obtained the necessary tools to optimally support my participants and clients.

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  • Assignment Preparation
  • Repatriation Workshops
  • Working in Germany
  • International Collaboration
  • Multicultural Team Building
  • Onboarding Workshops
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Intercultural Coaching
  • Expat Partner Support

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  • Life Coaching for Global Nomads
  • Expat Partner Support
  • Third Culture Kids: Raising children abroad
  • Repatriation
  • Settling down – For serial expats and Adult Third Culture Kids
  • Retreats

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  • Cultural Awareness for Trainers and Coaches
  • Self-marketing & Social Media
  • Mentoring for Intercultural Trainers and Coaches new to the field
  • Tools and Freebies

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My approach:

I offer both: Intercultural Training and Coaching

In intercultural training, the focus is on imparting knowledge about cultural dimensions, target culture, expanding cultural awareness and practicing skills for constructive adaptation and effective collaborative action under different cultural conditions. The knowledge gained now needs to be put into practice. Through coaching, the areas in which the coachee needs further support can be addressed individually. The recipe for success lies in the combination of knowledge and experience, reinforced by reflection in the coaching process.


If there is one thing my many years of experience abroad have taught me: always expect the unexpected! Theoretical concepts are an important basis. But in order to be able to move confidently and successfully in an international context, a "mindshift" has to take place, which we work out together and which you can develop further in your professional practice and personal life. To illustrate this, I like to share some of my own experiences in international companies and multicultural teams and reflect on them together with the clients.

Tailored to your needs

In order to achieve the desired learning success, I prepare thoroughly according to your requirements and after carrying out a detailed needs analysis. I offer classroom, virtual and blended learning formats. No two training courses are alike and are put together anew every time, because this is the only way I can pick up the participants from where they are. I go into coaching without a ready-made plan, as the focus lies on the coachee and his or her very personal concerns. I am responsible for designing the process for which I use appropriate systemic questioning techniques and interventions.


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